Where is Kokua 6.6.0 or 6.6.1?

Given that we usually track very closely to LL releases it’s a good question.

The answer is that 6.6.0 (and to a lesser extent 6.6.1) made a number of changes to the software libraries that the viewer uses.

On Windows and Mac there is generally little impact (other than on the rare occasions where it’s a library that we have to licence independently rather than being covered by LL’s open source provisions).

The Linux version is a different story. Each time there is a library change TPV maintainers need to obtain the new library, build it for Linux (which is becoming increasingly difficult as Ubuntu 16 becomes more and more outdated and libraries begin to require a newer platform to build on) and then plumb it into the viewer after which we’re free to fix any problems building the viewer where source code that builds fine under Mac or Windows is objected to by the veteran version of the GCC compiler used for Linux.

This has meant that while we have Windows and Mac versions of 6.6.0 and 6.6.1 we are not yet able to build a Linux version.

This is creating something of a dilemma. Do we release for just Windows and Mac so that those users can get the benefits of the newest code from LL along with our own changes or do we wait until we can get Linux going and release all three as usual.

The disadvantage of just doing a Windows and Mac release whilst remaining at 6.5.5 for Linux is that this is likely to be the beginning of the end for the Linux version. It’s already two versions out of date and that can only get worse as Windows and Mac keep track with LL releases.

It should also be borne in mind that Kokua is maintained by just two developers - Nicky Perian and myself. If anyone out there is familiar with Linux and building the viewer and would like to help please get in touch with Chorazin Allen by IM.

At the moment, I am still hoping that we can get 6.6.1 for Linux running. However when LL release 6.6.2, which is looking to be imminent, I believe it’ll be time to make the decision whether we go forwards for only Windows and Mac or are able to continue supporting all three platforms.


UPDATE: Thankyou to those who have already come forward. We are still looking for further assistance. Since Nicky (the other half of the development team) has had to take some time away from Kokua for personal reasons I have made the tough decision to release 6.6.2 for Windows and Mac rather than keep those platforms waiting any longer for the latest changes and fixes. It’s still my intention to release for Linux too providing we can overcome the current technical challenges.