Kokua 6.4.18 Release Notes

This release brings Kokua to parity with LL’s 6.4.18 maintenance release (see https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/ )

One of the new features in this maintenance release is colouring of friends when their names appear in the left column of the Conversations floater as nearby people or in IM conversations. We have expanded on this by making the colour easily configurable and adding a further option to use the name tag colour (from the Contact Sets and Minimap Marks logic) to select the colour instead. The options to control this can be found on Preferences / Colors / Chat Color

As usual the list of resolved issues is below, preceded by some notes on the issues.

KKA-847,848,849 all relate to the friends colouring.

KKA-845 fixes a problem when the Sound Explorer is resized

KKA-844 allows your name to be replaced with “Me” in the compact conversation layout. The control for this is located on Preferences / Kokua / Chat

Release notes - Kokua - Version Kokua 6.4.18


KKA-849 The Is Typing feature for IMs needs updating to preserve friend colouring

KKA-848 KKA-847 Bug

KKA-847 Conversations panel, name colouring

KKA-845 Sound Explorer - warning text doesn't follow window size


KKA-844 In Chat, have option to replace your name or display name with "You"


KKA-846 Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.4.18 (D515 Maintenance Eau De Vie)