Kokua 6.4.21 Release Notes

This release brings Kokua to parity with LL’s 6.4.21 release which primarily focused on voice handling improvements along with a number of other fixes ( https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/ ).

In addition this release imports Firestorm’s dynamic sizing of texture memory which allows the viewer to use more of the available graphics memory whilst still reserving space for other users. This feature was written by Ansariel Hiller.

The Graphics panel in Preferences has been rewritten to eliminate the Advanced panel and instead incorporate its content on three new tabs within the Graphics panel.

The BugSplat reporting system in the Windows builds of Kokua is highlighting a number of crashes and fixes for several of them are incorporated in this release.

The list of issues resolved in this version is below, as usual some need additional explanation:-

KKA-878: Although it’s possible to configure chat messages to show up as toasts they will not appear if the Nearby Chat panel of the Conversations floater is fully visible which can be vexing if the expected behaviour is to always get a toast. The existing option has been renamed “Pop up the message if the window is obscured” (where ‘window’ refers to the Local chat panel of the Conversations floater) and a new option “Always pop up the message” which does exactly as it says. These settings can be found on Preferences / Chat / Notifications

The BugSplat report names indicate where the crash happened which doesn’t always give a good indication of the likely scenario leading to the crash. Here are some additional remarks:-

  • KKA-879 - occurs when viewing a notecard has been denied by RLV when opening a notecard from another avatar or a group notice (RLV only)

  • KKA-877 - this is believed to occur when a viewer effect from a hud object has stopped whilst still being processed within the viewer

  • KKA-876 - this could occur when right clicking an object which is a broken link (RLV only)

  • KKA-873 - the cause of this one is not clear, however it’s related to wind sound generation - protective code has been added to avoid the crash

  • KKA-872 - the cause of this one is also not clear, however it looks like like a teleport crash or connection failure - protective code has been added to avoid the crash (although in this case the session was doomed anyway)


KKA-874 The Toolbar/toolbox floater is too small

KKA-867 Duplication of names in group chat lists


KKA-878 Add an option to always pop up chat/IM toasts


KKA-882 Port over FS:Ansariel's dynamic texture memory sizing

KKA-881 Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.4.21 (Mtce2 DRTVWR-516)

KKA-879 BugSplat Crash #38: KokuaViewer!LLFloaterReg::findInstance(133)

KKA-877 BugSplat Crash #37: KokuaViewer!LLError::crashAndLoop(1596)

KKA-876 BugSplat Crash #28: KokuaViewer!LLUUID::operator<(1092)

KKA-873 BugSplat Crash #22: KokuaViewer!LLWindGen<float>::windGenerate(77)

KKA-872 BugSplat Crash #17: KokuaViewer!LLNetMap::renderPropertyLinesForRegion(1313)