Kokua 6.5.2 Release Notes

Please note: 6.5.2 has been issued twice - make sure you are using RLV version 51484 or NORLV version 48218 to avoid the problem in the first release build

This release follows LL’s example by fast-tracking a release that includes a fix for permission issues around microphone use on Mac and Macbook, particularly with the newest OS versions. See https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/ for more information.

In addition this version updates our port of the non-web user Profile floater and the non-web Search floater from Firestorm (with thanks to the various contributors and maintainers of same). The previous port was taken a long time ago and had become a source of BugSplat crash reports.

The RLV versions of 6.5.1 added additional logging intended to help with detecting whether relevant RLV restrictions were in effect when trying to figure out the path that led to crashes reported via BugSplat. This logging turned out to be rather over-enthusiastic and has been turned off in 6.5.2. If you have a repeatable crash with Windows Kokua and suspect RLV is involved try performing the same steps that produced the crash with the debug setting RestrainedLoveCommandLogging set to True so that a BugSplat report with full RLV logging can be produced. We recommend setting it back to False for normal use afterwards.

Release notes - Kokua - Version Kokua 6.5.2


KKA-917 Kokua not requesting mic permission on Mac


KKA-921 Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.5.2 (D554)

KKA-915 Overhaul Legacy Search and Profile floaters

KKA-914 Improve the RLV logging features