Kokua 6.6.9 Release Notes

This release brings Kokua to parity with LL’s 6.6.9 Maintenance Q Release ( https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/ )


This release restricts the UDP bandwidth setting to a maximum of 3000 kbps. The recommended setting is 1500 or lower. If you currently have a higher value set you will get a warning when you first run this version of Kokua along with an option to keep the setting or fix it. You may choose to keep a setting up to 3000; anything higher will be reduced to 1500.

Although this notification can be dismissed and set to not show again, Kokua will still check the bandwidth at each start up and reduce any values over 3000 to 1500.

The maximum speed of a simulator is 3000kps, however the viewer can burst up to twice the configured setting hence the recommendation to use 1500 or lower.

This limit has been introduced to avoid UDP traffic getting lost at logins which was causing unreliable RLV behaviour due to loss of messages.

The warning will look like this

The slider for setting bandwidth has been updated to allow a maximum of 3000


For more about this see: http://blog.nalates.net/2017/02/22/second-life-performance-changing/

KKA-978 - This release of Kokua includes a fix by LL which should resolve issues with Kokua failing to re-request microphone permissions on Mac

KKA-974 - A bug was introduced in 6.6.8 where using the scroll wheel to exit mouselook stopped working. This has now been fixed.

KKA-975 - Worn items may now be copied in inventory once again

KKA-976 - The Contents panel of the edit floater now shows next owner permissions for each item and the item right-click menu is extended to include options to adjust the next owner permissions without needing to go to Properties. These features are enabled by setting the debug option DebugPermissions to 1.


KKA-981 - A feature has been added to allow the L$ balance to be hidden at all times. The control for this feature can be found on Preferences / Privacy

Release notes - Kokua - Kokua 6.6.9


KKA-971 RLV restrictions failing after relog

KKA-974 Cannot leave Mouselook by Mousewheel anymore \(6.6.8\)

KKA-975 Worn Items Unable to be Copied in Inventory

KKA-978 Mic perm on Mac still failing

New Feature

KKA-976 Show "Next Owner" permissions for Items I can Transfer

KKA-981 Hide L$ balance


KKA-980 Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.6.9 (MaintQ\