Kokua 6.6.11 Release Notes

6.6.11 is being re-released to incorporate a RLV crash fix and some improvements to SLURL handling which were also ready for inclusion. Make sure that you have RLV version 54056/NORLV version 50641

This release brings Kokua to parity with LL’s 6.6.11 release ( https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/ ) which introduces the Performance floater window which can aid in managing rendering performance and frame rates. See the LL Release Notes for further information about the new floater. Note that the information provided in LL’s version is not as extensive as Firestorm’s. This is because some of the information used can only be obtained via a LSL script in the Firestorm Bridge.

This release also includes LL’s 6.6.10 release changes which was a general maintenance release.

This version of Kokua includes RLV (which means that Kokua is temporarily ahead of Marine’s own viewer releases). RLV users, and particularly those who use the login blinding/black screen feature are strongly recommended to read the section about RLV below.

First the usual section with additional notes on what’s new in this Kokua version.

KKA-987 - this is the trigger for RLV - see below

KKA-991 - @showinv now also denies the Favorite Wearables floater and the Gallery tab of the Outfits floater

KKA-990 - Handling of the Enter key changed so that it obeys the “Open Chat Bar instead of Conversations” option even if AWSD is set to do movement instead of starting chat

KKA-1000 - Replace Links now also has an option to just delete the links (ported from Firestorm)

KKA-1002 - In the People/Nearby floater the double-click behaviour is now configurable between zoom in, teleport to, start IM or view profile via the drop down menu (inspired by Alchemy’s implementation)

KKA-997 - Following a request to make it hard to mis-click when aiming for Show On Map in the Favourites bar right click menu divider lines have been added above and below

A bug report has been filed around not being able to click on an external SLURL link without a new instance of the viewer trying to start up which we have been unable to reproduce. This version of Kokua includes additional debugging code to assist in tracking this down. If you see this behaviour please comment on KKA-998 UPDATE: The fixes for this are included in the 6.6.11 re-release.


KKA-985 Little bug with Hiding L$ option.

KKA-987 Attachments not reattaching if under severe RLV restrictions

KKA-991 @showinv extensions


KKA-990 Some fixes/improves for unread local and IM messages

New Feature

KKA-1000 Ability to Delete Links in Replace Links Function

KKA-1002 Add option to Zoom In with double click on nearby list


KKA-996 Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.6.10 \(Mtce R\)

KKA-997 Add extra divider in toolbar favourites menu

KKA-1003 Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.6.11 \(Performance Floater\)


Prior to this version RLV used frames for timing the duration of the period before garbage collection of restrictions issued by non-longer-existing objects started.

As well as performing this function it also has two more effects during login

  • Attachment adding restrictions are ignored until the first garbage collection to aid in avatar initial rezzing

  • It is the point at which the initial restrictions and black screen (if enabled) are removed

This leads to the problem that on a system with a very high frame rate the garbage collection can start very soon after login and cause attachments which should be on the avatar to get kicked off because they arrive after a restriction has become active. Note: RLV itself does not apply any attaching object/clothing restrictions during login - any such restrictions come from a worn object (which may be a RLV relay).

In this version of RLV the garbage collection timing has been changed to be time based rather than frame based for more consistent behaviour.

Since this will typically result in a longer period before the first garbage collection (and therefore more chance of the avatar being fully loaded) the restrictions applied during this period have been stepped up to reduce the possibilities for taking advantage of this period before RLV becomes fully active.

Old behaviour prior to first garbage collection

  • A selection of RLV restrictions were applied

New behaviour prior to first garbage collection

  • A more strict set of RLV restrictions are applied, including preventing use of HUDs

  • The avatar cannot be moved

  • The avatar will not be drawn

  • The UI around the viewport will not be drawn (ie the menu bar at the top and shortcut icons along the left, right and bottom

For more information about this and information about debug settings to fine-tune this new behaviour (or to switch back to the old behaviour if problems are experienced) see https://kokua.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KKA/pages/1886650372 which provides more technical documentation

To repeat the most important point here: the initial RLV black screen effect now also includes not drawing the UI around the screen edges until the first garbage collection - don’t panic!

This version of RLV also includes an experimental feature aimed at avoiding situations where RLV detection fails during login due to a script timing out awaiting a reply. @version* commands will now be answered immediately instead of being batched up for processing later during login.