Kokua 6.6.16 Release Notes

This release brings Kokua to parity to LL’s 6.6.16 release ( https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/ ) which is a change to the build technology of the viewer with no user-facing effects.

There is a new version of the CEF embedded browser for Windows and Mac. The Linux version will follow soon. The latest CEF’s minimum build platform has now moved beyond Ubuntu 18 LTS so this will mean both a change in the platform that we use for building the Linux version and a change in the minimum OS level for running Kokua. We are considering whether to go to Ubuntu 20 LTS or Debian Buster instead. If you have a strong view either way please get in touch.

This is likely to be the last Linux version that will be expected to run on Ubuntu 18 LTS.

We’re aware of an occasional crash that tends to happen right after login. It’s still present in 6.6.16 however I’ve just had it happen while I was in a position to get some debugging data so we now have a fix (partly based on a LL fix which has not yet been released). If that fix checks out in testing we may re-release 6.6.16 with the fix incorporated.

Additionally, we’ve fixed a problem introduced with 6.6.15 where importing an AO set would fail with error messages about not being able to import the subfolder content.


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