Kokua 6.3.5 Release Notes

This release brings Kokua up to official viewer release 6.3.5 parity (see Release Notes ) which contains various maintenance features as well as a new feature to increase the magnification of HUD items (accessible from Preferences/Advanced.

The release also contains a significant improvement for RLV users in the form of substantial improvements to @shownames and @shownametags which resolve several long-standing issues. All of the changes in this area are documented on a separate page (see https://kokua.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KKA/pages/21233665 ).

All of the changes are noted in the issue summary below. As usual a few need special note.

KKA-642 - It has long been a feature of RLV that logging in is always at the last location (well, unless the location is unavailable and the back end systems choose a new location) however this isn’t obvious and tends to be a FAQ. We’ve now disabled the drop down menu at login when RLV is turned on so that there’s a visual hint the login destination is fixed.

KKA-649 - When the viewer was set to only show display names that would be all you could copy to the clipboard from the menu on another person’s profile. We’ve now added a choice of display name or login name.

KKA-650 - When working with rez boxes (eg setting out a large building) it’s common to keep the rez box selected in Build/Edit to allow fine adjustments once the building is rezzed whilst it’s still under the control of the rez box. However it can happen that you also need to click on the rez box again and now it’s hidden behind the large building making getting to it involve either moving the avatar closer or some careful camera work. We have added a new button in the Build/Edit floater next to the buttons for Link/Unlink that has the same effect as right-clicking on the current editing selection. So now you can get at Touch, Zoom, Take and other useful options directly from the Build/Edit floater.

Three Firestorm features have been ported following requests; the integral avatar pose stand, show friends only and keyword alerts.

New Feature

  • [KKA-634] - @shownametags - best of both behaviour

  • [KKA-650] - Add a button to the build/edit floater to simulate a right-click on the selection in current focus


  • [KKA-629] - Idle avatar eyes movements.

  • [KKA-636] - Firestorm's pose stand utility

  • [KKA-637] - Keyword alerts

  • [KKA-646] - Rewrite getDummyName to reduce chances of generating the same name unnecessarily

  • [KKA-647] - Show Friends Only

  • [KKA-649] - Legacy usernames

  • [KKA-652] - Remove updater code from startup


  • [KKA-611] - Default HiDPI to off in Mac releases

  • [KKA-654] - Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.3.5


  • [KKA-627] - Maybe not bug: @showinv doesn't disable Outfits in Appearance floater like it does in Firestorm

  • [KKA-630] - Make @shownames name substitutions consistent for same avatar whether it's legacy or displayname (RLV bug #125)

  • [KKA-631] - @shownames doesn't affect minimap

  • [KKA-632] - Owner name should be anonymised in Edit floater when @shownames is active

  • [KKA-633] - More @shownames anonymising names needed

  • [KKA-635] - Fix RLV bug #127 around @shownames exceptions

  • [KKA-638] - RLV shownames: avatars in parcels with visibility turned off don't get hidden in hovertext

  • [KKA-639] - RLV shownames: check for loopholes due to Kokua additional features

  • [KKA-641] - Pie menu object is missing 'Export" slice

  • [KKA-642] - Login location fails to honor a directed sim login.