Kokua 6.3.8 Release Notes

This release brings Kokua into alignment with LL’s version 6.3.8, however there are actually no significant changes because we did an early release of these features (in support of the forthcoming Premium Plus membership level) as part of Kokua 6.3.7.

Windows users will find a few more exotic characters (eg in display names) will get rendered correctly by the inclusion of additional font references.

Kokua already contained the Firestorm feature (by Ansariel) which allowed duplicate landmarks to be suppressed in the World Map drop down menu. However, it was only accessible by directly modifying the debug setting. In this version we’ve added a checkbox to control it located on Preferences/Kokua/General along with the other World Map options.

The Outfits/My Appearance floater will now persist across logins (ie if it was open when you logged out, it will reopen when you log back in on the same computer).

Usually, enabling avatar bubble chat disables nearby chat toast notifications - an option has been added in Preferences / Chat / General to allow them to continue showing (this defaults to off, maintaining the original behaviour).

Next, there are also some bugfixes for RLV users. The fix to items reattaching after being detached by RLV command (KKA-684) had unwanted side effects making the worn items list in the Outfits floater out of step with the worn items list in Inventory. This fix has now been improved to avoid this side effect.

When an attachment was speaking as the avatar wearing it the speech would typically be slightly dimmer than the avatar’s own speech. This was caused by the routine intended to fade speech when it’s heard from a distance activating in error for the attachment speech even though the avatar was within the no-fade threshold. In addition, fading would never happen if it was an attached hud doing the speaking even if the avatar was far enough away that fading should occur. Fading is now correctly determined based on the avatar’s distance in both of these scenarios.

In Kokua 6.3.6 we added warnings that indicated whether receiving or sending IMs was going to be blocked. This included receiving group IMs however RLV’s receive IM restriction actually never blocks receiving group messages so the warning message for groups is incorrect. It was temporarily removed in this version. However, after discussion with Marine it was affirmed that they should be getting blocked, so now they are blocked and the warning has been reinstated. Several viewers, Kokua included, already prevent a group chat from opening if @recvim is active however if the group chat is manually joined (or the restriction only comes into effect after the group session has started) the viewer wouldn’t suppress the received IMs.

Finally, the last and most significant change - we have added a new Chat Bar that can be used alongside the Conversations floater for those who hanker after V1-style chat input with a single floater for chat input and other floaters for chat display / displaying chat as toasts. For more details see https://kokua.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KKA/pages/247365633


  • [KKA-686] - Windows: Add use of Segoe UI font

  • [KKA-692] - Attachments with the same name as their Owner chat color

  • [KKA-693] - Port over Firestorm's option to filter out duplicate landmarks in the World Map

  • [KKA-694] - Bubble Chat option subtext

  • [KKA-696] - Implement a chat bar for keyboard input only without conversation/IM display capabilities


  • [KKA-689] - Merge in LL version 6.3.8


  • [KKA-690] - Unwanted side effects of KKA-684 fix

  • [KKA-691] - My Outfits/Appearance floater should persist over logins

  • [KKA-697] - Incorrect warning about @recvim for group IMs

  • [KKA-698] - Revert KKA-697 and implement group chat reception blocks when @recvim is active