Kokua 6.4.10 Release Notes

This release brings Kokua to parity with LL release 6.4.10 ( https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/ ) which delivers improvements to mesh model uploading based on code contributions from the Firestorm team. Some of these are new to Kokua, others were already ported over directly from Firestorm, however one particularly useful addition is extra detail about contributing factors to the cost and weight of a mesh upload. Mesh uploading with physics is not available in the Linux version because Havok is only available for Windows and Mac.

There are a couple of bug fixes too - the toolbar environments button would never unfade in RLV/FTRLV and creating and trying to save a new day cycle would produce an error. Links to the Jira issues are below as usual.


  • [KKA-764] - Editing then saving a day cycle in the Settings folder fails with an error dialog

  • [KKA-765] - 'My Environments' button on Toolbar does not respond when clicked


  • [KKA-766] - Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.4.10