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  • Setting RestrainedLoveGarbageCollectionIgnoreFirstFullyVisible (default 01) to 1 disables the First Fully Visible timing, ie the timing is solely based around STATE_STARTED as it has been historically. Set it to 0 to enable First Fully Visible timing

  • RestrainedLoveGarbageCollectionFirstFullyVisibleDelay (default 15) sets the minimum number of seconds after First Fully Visible before the garbage collection can start. The garbage collector will then wait for the Initial Delay described above before running the first time

  • RestrainedLoveGarbageCollectionFirstFullyVisibleTimeout (default 45) is the number of seconds from STATE_STARTED after which the viewer will stop waiting for First Fully Visible - this provides a safety feature for times when an avatar fails to de-cloud because an essential wearable is absent


  • RestrainedLoveHideAvatarUntilGarbageCollection is usually set to 1 and disables drawing avatars until the first garbage collection. However this can the disable disabled for troubleshooting (eg watching wearables arrive) by setting it to 0 (note Kokua FTRLV ignores this setting and always hides the avatar)

  • RestrainedLoveUseNewGarbageCollectionTiming is usually set to 1 and enables the new time-based timings. It can be set to 0 to return to the frame count based method

  • RestrainedLoveUseStrictGarbageCollectionRestrictions is usually set to 1 and enables the Improved blinding experience features. It can be set to 0 for the original RLV-restriction only behaviour (note that Kokua FTRLV again ignores this setting and always uses the Improved blinding experience)

Exceptions to the touchhud restriction during login