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Kokua is only available officially from the locations described on our https://kokua.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KKA/pages/15237201 page. Downloads from any other location are unsupported, unofficial and their content cannot be guaranteed (and may even be malicious).

Kokua is a Third Party Viewer (TPV) for Second Life(R) by Linden Labs. Linden Labs Release Notes are here (for non-current viewers use this link ).

Kokua is regularly updated to follow new versions from Linden Labs and RLV by Marine Kelley. Unlike some TPVs which operate on a full project lifecycle with formal QA cycles we release fast and often. Of course, there is a downside too - being on the leading edge can mean that bugs slip through despite our best efforts

Kokua is feature-rich with a combination of original features and functionality ported from other TPVs.

So what IS “Kokua” - here’s a page from another Kokua-inspired organisation that explains it rather well. Other than sharing the same name and inspiration there is no other mutual connection.

If you’re looking for older information it’s likely to be on one of these sites:-

Please note that we are keeping these available for reference but will be using this site for ongoing publications.