As with any volunteer-staffed project the project’s team grows and contracts over time.


While the Kokua viewer for Second Life is our current sole deliverable (albeit in three versions each of which are on three platforms!) previous projects have included


  • Kokua for OpenSim grids

  • Imprudence (v1-style viewer) for Second Life and OpenSim

  • The Aurora simulator


All of these are inactive unless someone comes forward to take them on. All of these have been inactive long enough now that a serious amount of work would be needed by anyone willing to work on them.


We salute and thank all of the Kokua Project/Team Purple contributors, supporters, developers and maintainers past and present. It wouldn’t be fair to try and put a list of names here for fear of missing someone important. Your legacy is very much alive in Kokua though!


The current development team consists of Chorazin Allen (Project lead, Release Management, Windows development/builds and RLV/RLVa specialist), Nicky Perian (Mac/Linux specialist and builds) and Erik Kundiman (Linux specialist).


The current team size means that we must scale our support activities accordingly. First line support is user-to-user through the inworld Second Life Group. All other support (other than code submissions) should go by an issue ticket. Code submissions can either be submitted by fork/pull request or via issue ticket for small changes.