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  • [KKA-666] - RLV: Don't change mouse pointer when the action is not permitted

  • [KKA-667] - More control of script dialog text and button text sizing

  • [KKA-670] - Provide advance warning when an im session is going to be affected by @sendim/@recvim

  • [KKA-672] - Allow land sale prices to be entered using L$/sqm as well as L$ amounts

  • [KKA-673] - Refresh AO code

  • [KKA-675] - Extend KKA-667 button/text sizing options to llTextBox dialogs too

  • [KKA-676] - Extend the worldmap show parcel name code to include for-sale details

  • [KKA-680] - Port across FS' enhanced World Map region captions


  • [KKA-679] - Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.3.6