Kokua 6.3.6 Release Notes

As well as bringing Kokua to parity with LL’s 6.3.6 release we also have a number of bug fixes and improvements detailed below.

The Release Notes for LL’s 6.3.6 are here. There are two major new features in this release. The first is the ability to remember username/password combinations for multiple avatars via a drop down menu added to the username field at login. This feature is managed through a new button on the Preferences/Advanaced panel. The second is the ability to set media to Ask before playing. Kokua already has changes which separate parcel audio and other media playing - for the new Ask feature to work you must have parcel audio set to play automatically as well (on Preferences/Sound).

We may change this in future so that it becomes an ‘OR’ with the Play Automatically and new Always/Auto/Off settings instead of the current ‘AND' relationship. Views on this via Jira ticket are welcomed.

The list of Jira issues included in this release follow. As usual some require additional notes, read on!

First, those of specific interest to RLV users and only in the RLV/FTRLV versions:-

  • KKA-666 - The mouse pointer in RLV will now only change to a hand/sit etc when the action is going to be permitted. This is standard RLVa behaviour which has been adapted for RLV.

  • KKA-670 - It’s quite common with RLV for group IM chats to get a message from someone currently under a @sendim restriction resulting in the standard text appearing instead of their intended message. With this version a hint is displayed in the IM dialog to warn that sending or receiving IMs to this person/group is going to be suppressed allowing the action to be abandoned. It is still possible to go ahead and send the message for those scenarios where blocked IMs are used for signalling. The picture below shows how this looks with both @sendim and @recvim applying.


  • KKA-658 - The name anonymising code for @shownames has been further improved to cope better with situations where one name is a substring of another.

  • KKA-668 - When ALM is enabled and RLV effects based on changing RenderResolutionDivisor are in effect this used to cause the CPU and/or GPU to sometimes start running at full speed and sometimes could even result in a crash. This is now prevented by automatically temporarily disabling ALM when the RenderResolutionDivisor value gets to a point where ALM would not give any rendering benefits because the whole scene is too “blurred”. This protective code is also in the non-RLV version however RenderResolutionDivisor is less likely to be changed there.

  • KKA-674 - The recent introduction of keyword alerts meant that on some occasions where @recvim should have squashed an incoming IM it would get through unaffected

Now, those which are in all versions:-

  • KKA-667 - Previously Kokua used standard size text on script menu text and slightly smaller for menu buttons. It is now possible to switch between standard/small for both using new drop down menus on Preferences/Kokua/Script. The text size control also governs the text size for the informative text on text entry boxes (llTextBox).

  • KKA-672 - It is now possible to enter a land selling price by entering the desired L$/square meter price as well as an absolute L$ amount

  • KKA-676 - When browsing the world map you would only get pricing information if a For Sale tag was exactly clicked on. The existing feature that fetches a parcel name for other clicks within a land parcel has now been extended to also display the for sale information when showing parcels for sale is enabled. Note that there may still be some discrepancies between whether a parcel is shaded yellow and it actually being on sale which remain due to delays in back end systems updating.

  • KKA-655 - Hiding LookAt was broken in the LL 6.3.5 merge and is restored in this version

  • KKA-659 - The Windows installer would leave a temporary nsis file behind in the same folder as the installation package. This now no longer happens and any such files can be safely deleted.

  • KKA-660 - When an estate manager starts a region restart the time delay wasn’t being populated in the confirmatory message

  • KKA-665 - If you opened the Object Inspector for a worn hud (eg after it speaks in chat) this would show a spurious location (often 0,0,0). The location is no longer shown for the avatar’s own worn huds.

  • KKA-671 - The date display for Group Notices has been changed to ISO-style YYYY-MM-DD format which avoids a very old bug where group notice sorting would go wrong for the first few days of each new year (because the previous sort started with the month number so 12 of the previous year got sorted ahead of 01 for the current year).

  • KKA-678 - Opening a script for editing would sometimes cause the viewer to crash and exit. This was being caused by part of the code added for additional script batch operations.


The full list follows with links to the associated Jira issue.


  • [KKA-666] - RLV: Don't change mouse pointer when the action is not permitted

  • [KKA-667] - More control of script dialog text and button text sizing

  • [KKA-670] - Provide advance warning when an im session is going to be affected by @sendim/@recvim

  • [KKA-672] - Allow land sale prices to be entered using L$/sqm as well as L$ amounts

  • [KKA-673] - Refresh AO code

  • [KKA-675] - Extend KKA-667 button/text sizing options to llTextBox dialogs too

  • [KKA-676] - Extend the worldmap show parcel name code to include for-sale details

  • [KKA-680] - Port across FS' enhanced World Map region captions


  • [KKA-679] - Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.3.6


  • [KKA-655] - LookAt isn't hidden

  • [KKA-658] - @shownames chat handling when one name is a substring of another

  • [KKA-659] - WIndows installer leaves temporary file behind

  • [KKA-660] - Do you really want to restart this region in [DELAY]

  • [KKA-665] - Opening object inspector from chat when it's your own attachment shows a spurious URL

  • [KKA-668] - RenderResolutionDivisor and ALM play badly at high values of RenderResolutionDIvisor

  • [KKA-669] - Saving graphics preset crashed viewer to desktop

  • [KKA-671] - Date sorting in group notices goes wrong for the first few days of a new year

  • [KKA-674] - sendim restriction doesn't work well

  • [KKA-678] - Unhandled exception.