Kokua 6.3.1 Release Notes

This release’s primary trigger is LL’s release of (Umeshu) which is a wide-ranging maintenance (bug-fixing) release. In addition the obsolete Facebook connection floaters and associated code are removed. Full details about this release can be read in the Release Notes

This release also includes RLV for the RLV and FTRLV versions however there is no functional difference at all - represented the inclusion of Bakes On Mesh which Kokua had already included in our previous 6.3.0 release, so literally the only thing we did this time was modify the RLV version number to keep up.

Bug KSL-594 is still present in this version; we’ve identified this as a bug in LL code and will incorporate the fix when it comes downstream.

IMPORTANT: We originally published the RLV/FTRLV version as build 46170. However, this build will fail to launch in a clean install situation and is replaced by 46175.



  • [KKA-595] - Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.3.1


  • [KKA-593] - Debug setting UIAutoScale is not honored