Kokua 6.3.2 Release Notes

This release of Kokua brings it to parity with LL’s 6.3.2 maintenance release (Vinsanto: Release Notes ) as well as a number of improvements combined of imported or original work.

Windows users with AMD graphics should find behaviour is considerably improved. As well as importing Firestorm’s detection improvements we have also ported a couple of other debugging features that will be useful in specific failure scenarios. Further, we have also imported LL’s own improvements which provide better enumeration and selection when multiple AMD GPUs (typically because there is a discrete GPU as well as a basic GPU integrated with the processor). If you find that you still can’t get to the maximum texture memory you expect with this release on a Windows AMD system raise a Jira ticket so that we can investigate further/provide details of the debugging features.

We have also done a package of work around object and script information and management drawing in improvements from other viewers as well as making our own improvements. These changes are documented separately on this page: https://kokua.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KKA/pages/16842753

Amongst the bug fixes are resolving a crash when RenderVolumeSAProtection is enabled, showing the avatar distance in the nearby floater (up to a maximum of approx 1000m only) and defaulting HiDPI to off in Mac installations for better performance in texture-heavy locations.


  • [KKA-597] - @touchworld should suppress object hovertips

  • [KKA-599] - Provide a search facility for scripts within prims.

  • [KKA-601] - Object Inspector

  • [KKA-609] - Distance from the avatar on nearby people list


  • [KKA-605] - Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.3.2

  • [KKA-611] - Default HiDPI to off in Mac releases


  • [KKA-600] - Right click menu on an item in Appearance/My Outfits shows two > arrows

  • [KKA-602] - Texture Memory won't go past 512MB with AMD graphics card.

  • [KKA-607] - Trying to turn RenderVolumeSAProtection ON crashes viewer