Kokua 6.2.4 Release Notes

This version incorporates LL’s recent 6.2.4 viewer release which focused on rendering improvements. RLV support remains aligned with Marine’s latest release (RLV

This is also the first release to use our new-style of first-run release notes hosted on Confluence. We are also switching to Confluence for download information and news postings. The entry page for Confluence is https://kokua.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KKA .

As well as LL’s latest code we have also ported over several Firestorm features (with thanks to their original contributors). These include an improved debug settings floater with search and sanity checking of key values (primarily by Zi), backup/restore for most preferences (by Zi, LGG, Nicky, Ansariel and others), output device selection for sounds (by Ansariel)

Finally there are a number of fixes/improvements on the Kokua codebase itself, notably fixing the pie menus so that the Hover Height command appears (ie was there but a mistake in the file concerned prevented it being shown).

New Feature

  • [KKA-572] - Change to Confluence-based release notes


  • [KKA-573] - Change default size for internal browser so it's right-sized for Confluence release note pages

  • [KKA-579] - Port over FS' debug settings panel and supporting code

  • [KKA-580] - Provide an tool tip for Object detail

  • [KKA-582] - Remove unused setting. FSIgnoreSimulatorCameraConstraints

  • [KKA-584] - Consider returning draw distance lower limit to zero or maybe two to five.

  • [KKA-586] - Render Anisotropic change default to off and add a tool tip


  • [KKA-585] - Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.2.4


  • [KKA-515] - Provide a backup and restore for preferences.

  • [KKA-565] - Port FMODStudio output device selection from Firestorm

  • [KKA-574] - Windows installer window title says "Installing Second Life"

  • [KKA-575] - SL Search floater needs enlarging to cope with enlarged browsers panel

  • [KKA-576] - Tweak pie menu attachment self menu to include hover height

  • [KKA-578] - Unreleased build 45833 exits silently on trying to open Debug Settings menu

  • [KKA-581] - Rebase floater_preferences_graphics_advanced

  • [KKA-583] - Select zone for Object IMs, Chat, Preferences is at the top edge.

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