Kokua 6.4.12 Release Notes

This release adds integration with LL’s 6.4.12 Dawa Maintenance release (see https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/ ) to the 6.4.11/RLV release issued yesterday. The Release Notes for that version are reproduced below.

IMPORTANT: We discovered a problem that required the Windows installers to be rebuilt. If you are in Windows make sure that you have RLV 49940 or NORLV 46925 rather than 49938 and 46924

This release incorporates RLV (see https://realrestraint.blogspot.com/2021/02/rlv-2929.html ) as well as a selection of fixes for all versions of Kokua.

See below for the issues included in this release. First though, the customary notes to explain some of these issues.


  • The fix related to pressing the ESC not turning the avatar when the camera view is reset was not included because Kokua already added an option to control this behaviour (KKA-776)

  • The fix related to folders not getting created under #RLV is not applicable to Kokua since it had slightly different code ordering that avoided the bug

  • The fix related to avatar names flashing white in the Conversations floater is specific to Marine’s viewer’s skin and not applicable to Kokua

  • The shine fixes mentioned are included and provided for Kokua NORLV as well as the RLV variants

Notes on other changes

  • KKA-790 relates to searching Places using the non-web Search floater; not all results were being returned

  • KKA-792 is a nasty bug present in most recent viewers; what happens is the viewer fetches a certain number of landmarks and then will not fetch any more for the remainder of the session. This manifests as Show On Map not working for a landmark or Properties not getting filled with values

  • KKA-787, KKA-792, KKA-789 are the original implementations of features also included in RLV

  • KKA-779 adds an “is typing” message alongside an avatar’s name in the Conversations floater for one-to-one instant message sessions

  • KKA-781 makes the About Land focus persist over HUD clicks although other clicks inworld will either update About Land with the new parcel selected or blank the floater if something else was clicked


  • [KKA-772] - Non-Havok builds currently broken on Windows/Mac

  • [KKA-773] - llDialog spacing inconsistent between string and buttons

  • [KKA-778] - Debug floater keyboard handling inconsistent

  • [KKA-787] - @edit=n can interfere with touching objects

  • [KKA-790] - Search results not showing all results.

  • [KKA-792] - Landmark fetching stalls resulting in Landmark > Show On Map doing nothing

New Feature

  • [KKA-789] - Implement an equivalent to RLVaShowRedirectChatTyping


  • [KKA-775] - Update FMODStudio to version 2.01.06

  • [KKA-776] - Port over FS' 'Clicking your avatar keeps camera position' option

  • [KKA-779] - Add additional 'is typing' notification for IMs where another tab is active

  • [KKA-781] - Don't cancel land selection/clear About Land on hud clicks

  • [KKA-785] - LINUX -- Implement jemalloc for memory management