Kokua 6.4.20 Release Notes

This release brings Kokua to parity with LL release 6.4.20 ( https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/ ) the first of a planned series of releases making UI improvements.

One of the improvements is a tidying up of the right click menu for your own avatar, removing My Groups/Profile/Contacts. I find those useful there so they have been reinstated in Kokua.

The UI improvements also reorganise the main viewer top bar menu, creating a new Avatar section and moving a number of operations to there from the Me menu. However, if you use Kokua with the classic menu (which has File as its first item) there are no changes in this version.

Another of the improvements is a message in the local chat floater with the new location each time a teleport is completed. We have added a way to disable this if desired (Preferences / Kokua / Chat / Do not show telelport locations in nearby chat). It is also disabled in RLV versions of Kokua while @showloc is active.

In addition there are a number of bug fixes including the first batch of crash fixes detected using the Bugsplat crash reporting code enabled in 6.4.19.

KKA-866 needs a little explanation. If double-click to teleport is enabled in viewers prior to the key mapping improvements of 6.4.17 you could only teleport with a double-click providing the shifting keys (ALT, CTRL and SHIFT) were not pressed down too. Since 6.4.17 a double-click teleport occurs regardless of the shifting keys state. This can cause unintended teleports when manipulating the camera with ALT or CTRL held down. To combat this a new option has been added in Preferences / Move & View / Mouse which has the lengthy title “Do not treat ALT/SHIFT/CTRL modified mouse clicks as unmodified mouse clicks when no specific ALT/SHIFT/CTRL modified binding exists”. What this means is the old behaviour will be reinstated when this option is on, however if you have chosen to configure something like ALT-Double Click as the trigger for the “Teleport to” action in the Controls panel of Preferences then it will only teleport if ALT is held down for the double-click. The option is on by default to reinstate the pre-6.4.17 behaviour.


KKA-870 The new is-typing code misses getting cleared on timeout

KKA-866 Double-click to TP bug.

KKA-864 Group floater needs some attention


KKA-871 Change default FSLinuxEnableWin32VoiceProxy to false


KKA-869 6.4.20 - reinstate some of the more useful things removed from the avatar right click menu

KKA-868 Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.4.20

KKA-865 BugSplat Crash #5: KERNELBASE!RaiseException+0x69

KKA-862 BugSplat Crash #3: KokuaViewer!LLJoint::updateWorldPRSParent(987)

KKA-861 BugSplat Crash #2: KokuaViewer!LLWindGen<float>::windGenerate(77)