Kokua 6.4.17 Release Notes

The headline item for this release is updating Kokua to parity with Linden Lab’s 6.4.17 release which adds configurable key mapping through a new panel in Preferences. See https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/ for the release notes. The option to select a French azerty layout keyboard has been removed since the new key mapping facilities provide a more comprehensive and generic way to achieve the same end result.

In addition there a number of new or ported features and a number of RLV improvements following the introduction of Kitty Barnett’s @setsphere code within RLV

First, the changes which are universal:-

  • KKA-834 - Opening the Animation Explorer could cause Kokua to exit immediately in some situations. This has been fixed.

  • KKA-838 - The Advanced option to toggle Surface Patch rendering was not working due to a typo (it said Surface Path instead).

  • KKA-819 - We have revisited the code intended to prevent muted groups from becoming active and ported over Firestorm:Ansariel’s version of the fix instead of our original version

  • KKA-825 - Following a feature request we have ported over the ability to switch UI font along with an additional font for scripting. The font switching code is ported from Firestorm and originally by Kadah Cobah. The font can be selected in Preferences / Kokua / Tweaks and will take effect from the next time Kokua is started. The scripting font selection remains on Preferences / Kokua / Scripting and takes immediate effect. This is also responsible for the jump in size of the installer file because a selection of fonts are now included.

  • KKA-827 - Following a feature request we have added a “Quick Inventory Window” as an alternative to opening a new inventory window. The speed improvement comes about from only opening it to view inventory - it does not contain Recent or Worn tabs, so reducing the time to build it to around one third.

  • KKA-837 - Following a feature request the option to turn off teleport sounds has been added. While not directly ported from Firestorm, a kudos to Pantera Polnocy for locating the common point where the sound effect is managed. The control for this is located on Preferences / Sound & Media / Sound (Main)

  • KKA-839 - Following a feature request we have added an option to disable voice call menu entries and buttons so that voice can be active without the chance of accidentally starting calls. The control for this is located on Preferences / Sound & Media / Voice

  • KKA-841 - Following a feature request we have modified the gesture edit window to allow it to be resized with the list of gesture components expanding as the window does.

  • On a clean install, or when preferences are reset to defaults, the default menu choice for right-click menus is now standard menus instead of pie menus. The option to switch between them is on the Preferences / Advanced window.

Next, the RLV changes. All of these should appear in a future RLV release but are appearing now in Kokua:-

  • KKA-829 - Commands which were not active but had a @notify established (eg @notify:shownames) could cause RLV to mistakenly report that the restriction was active to other parts of the viewer. This causes a number of subtle bugs but one of the more noticeable is that the Nearby panel of the People floater would go blank if @notify:shownames was set up while @shownames was not in effect.

  • KKA-830 - The Modifiers tab in the RLV status floater has been changed so that all entries there follow the behaviour of Marine’s recent additions for @setsphere - specifically, this means that settings will now only appear if they are not at their default/inactive values

  • KKA-831 - Anti-aliasing is now forced on when @setsphere is used to avoid visual glitches

  • KKA-832 - RLV contains a number of subtle behaviour tweaks which come into play when vision spheres are used to improve the effect and prevent possible cheats. These behaviour tweaks have now been extended to operate when @setsphere is active.

Below is the full issue list with links to each issue:-


  • [KKA-819] - Groups that I have blocked from sending notices and ims , turn ims on and send me ims.

  • [KKA-827] - New Inventory window freezes the viewer

  • [KKA-829] - RP Hud RLV status/notify commands cause avatar list in People:Nearby to be hidden

  • [KKA-831] - Anti aliasing off causes glitching with @setsphere

  • [KKA-834] - World > Animation Explorer crashes viewer for some AVs

  • [KKA-835] - RLV mVisionRestricted

  • [KKA-838] - "Surface Patch" render type not toggleable due to typo

New Feature

  • [KKA-825] - Add Cascadia Code font

  • [KKA-837] - Option to turn off teleport sound effect

  • [KKA-839] - Option to enable/disable voice call buttons


  • [KKA-830] - RLV: Change modifiers tab in RLV Status

  • [KKA-841] - Stretchy Gesture Windows