Kokua 6.4.22 Release Notes

This release brings Kokua to parity with LL’s 6.4.22 which is predominantly about updating the version of the CEF embedded browser ( https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/ ). This only applies to the Windows and Mac versions; Linux remains on an older version of CEF for the time being.

Elsewhere there are a few bug fixes. The list below and additional notes on some appear directly below.

KKA-885 - RLV’s original behaviour was to swallow the whole of any line that contained a URI to suppress clickable agent names showing up. However it was only checked for at the beginning of a line so something like ‘Your friend <SL URL> has come online’ would not be affected but ‘<SLURL> has come online’ would be. The function concerned has been written to convert the name to plain text and then anonymise it if needed.

KKA-886/KKA-889 - Both these crashes detected by BugSplat appear to be connected with pressing the letter H very soon after login, possibly to open the Conversations floater. If you have seen this crash, or experience it again, please send an IM to Chorazin Allen with a note explaining what operations you were performing right before the crash happened.


KKA-887 Area Search is missing a RLV check on its touch operation

KKA-885 RLV with @shownames active can swallow lines of text

KKA-884 Wrong URI determination.

KKA-735 CEF update in 6.4.4 doesn't handle Confluence images


KKA-889 BugSplat Crash #69: KokuaViewer!LLViewerWindow::handleKey(3200)

KKA-888 Merge in LL version 6.4.22

KKA-886 BugSplat Crash #48: KokuaViewer!LLViewerWindow::handleKey(3199)

KKA-883 Double click to teleport

KKA-833 Port over internal contact set code improvements from FS 6.4.21