Kokua 6.4.2 Release Notes

Although we usually release Kokua in line with each new version from LL or Marine we held off on releasing alongside LL 6.4.0 and 6.4.1 because we chose to wait until RLV support for the Environmental Enhancement Project (EEP) released in LL 6.4.0 was ready for release.

This release integrates the following:-

Before getting into the additional features and fixes we need to point out that EEP represents a major overhaul of the viewer’s weather, lighting, shine and reflection areas - it’s more than just a new weather system with configuration files as inventory assets instead of separate xml files. As a result you WILL find that scenes, structures and avatars can all look different. If you find a particularly noticeable instance you are encouraged to log details of it in LL’s Jira issue tracking system so that these differences can be fixed at their origin. Please do not raise them as Kokua issues unless Kokua is behaving differently to the LL viewer - we will be following LL closely at least until the EEP code appears to have settled down.

New/Improved Features

As well as integrating the camera presets introduced in 6.4.2 we have also taken the additional camera presets which Marine Kelley added in RLV and set those up as default views in addition to the three in the standard viewer. The standard viewer has Front, Back and Side. Kokua adds Left, Right, Top, FPS (First Person Shooter - a view looking forwards from in front of the avatar) and Nearer which is a rear view that is both closer and at a lower angle making it more suitable for corridors and other narrow spaces.

In the Edit Content tab we have added a new Bulk Rename feature which works similarly to the Permissions change floater but instead allows renaming to be performed on the object content using regular expression matching. For more details on this feature, read https://kokua.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KKA/pages/367984641

In the AO we have added a new “Chat” option. When this is turned on each new animation selected will be reported in local chat to the viewer user only. The idea here is to provide an easy way to keep track of which animation is playing when assessing a new set of poses/animations and deciding which to keep or discard. We have also added a ‘Any’ button between the Next and Previous arrow buttons to allow a pose to chose at random from the current set.

The hover height slider from Marine’s RLV viewer is now available in all versions of Kokua and rather than include the small button to reset it to 0.0 we have made the numerical value next to the slider writable allowing any value to be directly entered.

Although still a live issue, we believe this version of the RLV/FTRLV viewers will be significantly better at avoiding discrepancies in the current outfit at login. That should also make for more reliable outfit changes during a session.

Bug Fixes

The list of issues resolved in this version are below. As usual, some need a bit extra explanation

KKA-706 - What would happen here is that intentional deformation of the avatar skeleton could be reverted when another item was detached. This only affects the RLV versions and the root cause was the same as earlier issues with login attachment synchronisation. We have also made some other changes which should reduce the times that outfit loading appears to be incomplete after logging in and improve the consistency of the outfit floater display and the inventory.

KKA-712 - If the AO was open at login and full-sized there was a possibility of an immediate crash

KKA-695 - We have overhauled the code for the left, bottom and right toolbars and they will now display correctly for all three possible modes (icons, text, both)

KKA-700 - After using the search feature in the Preferences floater and clearing the search term some areas of the Preferences would stay filtered (specifically on those panels which have vertical tabs)

KKA-711 - In the RLV viewers there was a bug where touches could get unintentionally discarded with @edit=n and touch still permitted if multiple clicks were int he exact same place. With non-physical objects only the first click would be delivered. With physical objects no clicks would be delivered.

KKA-714 - The slider that sets the nearby/radar range in the People floater went a bit too far into the right edge plus the numerical display of the slider value could get out of position when the floater was resized

Jira Issue Details

New Feature

  • [KKA-715] - Extend the AO with a Chat option to report the name of the current animation in chat when it is started


  • [KKA-710] - Bulk rename for object content


  • [KKA-701] - Mac compilation fails with the latest XCode

  • [KKA-703] - Perform Kokua integration with EEP viewer 6.4.0 for NORLV

  • [KKA-704] - Perform Kokua integration with EEP viewer 6.4.0 for MKRLV

  • [KKA-705] - Integrate RLV EEP support

  • [KKA-713] - Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.4.2


  • [KKA-695] - Toolbar "Labels only" feature doesn't display correctly

  • [KKA-700] - Clearing Preferences search term doesn't reset all panels

  • [KKA-706] - Rigged mesh with 'joint positions' may not display properly.

  • [KKA-711] - @edit=n blocks touch events

  • [KKA-712] - Crash fix - open AO window can lead to crash shortly after login

  • [KKA-714] - Range slider in People Panel is mis-sized