Kokua 6.3.3 Release Notes

This release brings Kokua to parity with LL’s 6.3.3 release which brings some specific improvements around voice handling.

In addition we have some bug fixes and one improvement. Details are shown below.

The improvement is some new functionality in the minimap.

First, viewing parcels with the option to show parcels for sale turned on (the default) will now show auction parcels in the same colour used on the world map and inworld when World/Show/Land Owners is turned on.

Secondly, we have added a ‘Land Owners’ option (off by default) which shades the minimap in the same way as the Land Owners option in the World/Show section of the main menu. The colour key is yellow - for sale, purple - for auction (but only where it is LL auctioning the parcels - resident-to-resident auctions will not appear, just as they don’t appear on the world map either), green - personally owned land, cyan - group owned land which you’re a member of and red - owned by others. As with the inworld view when a parcel that you own is set for sale the ownership status will override the sale status and it will appear as green or cyan rather than yellow.

New Feature

  • [KKA-608] - People window status isn't preserved over logoff/logon

  • [KKA-616] - Minimap improvements


  • [KKA-615] - Use windows voice 64 bit llibrary/sdk via wine on linux 64 bit Kokua.


  • [KKA-614] - Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.3.3


  • [KKA-613] - Setting FSShowInboxFolder doesn't work