Kokua 6.3.4 Release Notes

This release brings parity with 6.3.4 of the official viewer (which brings internal improvements around viewer shutdown as detailed in the Release Notes )

In addition there are a number of changes and bug fixes some of which need a bit more explanation than is obvious from the issue titles below.

[KKA-603] - if a modal notification (one which freezes everything until dismissed) pops up while in RLV forced mouselook the mouse navigation wouldn’t work and the only way to clear the notification was to press Return and take whatever the default option was in the notification. This is a bug in Marine’s code so we may change the fix in future if she chooses a different approach to fixing it to ours here. Our fix is to make the notification non-modal in this specific situation which restores the ability to use the mouse pointer.

[KKA-625] - this one evolved during analysis; there is a hard crash here, but it actually occurs when dragging something over the AO floater while it’s in its small size. The crash won’t occur if the AO is maximised.

[KKA-626] - this one is believed to have affected some Mac systems too, however Windows systems appear immune. The fix was first implemented by NickyD of Firestorm.

[KKA-619] - this is a feature port from Firestorm (by Ansariel) - changes to the script editor colour scheme now apply immediately to open script editor floaters instead of applying only to future ones

[KKA-620]/[KKA-622] - these are internal to the viewer build processes and have no user visibility

[KKA-623] - In the Preferences/Chat floater there are categories for Nearby Chat and Object IM chat routing. However their operation was counter-intuitive due to a number of factors which need explaining to understand our fixes

  • The Object IM category actually only controlled object chat (both Whisper/Say/Shout and region-range, eg RegionSayTo) and not object IMs

  • Object IMs were not affected by any of these categories (other than Nearby Chat when deciding whether to put up a left side chat toast), thus if you had ‘Open Conversations window’ selected for Object IMs it wouldn’t do anything

  • Nearby Chat didn’t include nearby objects, only avatars and system messages

  • The “Pop Up” option does different things - with non-object IMs it controls whether a notification appears in the top right area, it does nothing with Object IMs and with Nearby Chat it controls whether a chat toast pops up on the left side if the Conversations window is covered or closed (plus, by this stage, object chat and object IMs are counted as chat)

To try to make this work a bit more like the UI suggests it should we’ve made the following changes

  • In the Preferences floater “Object IMs” is now “Object chat/IMs” reflecting that it operates on object chat too

  • In the Preferences floater “Nearby chat” is now “Nearby avatars” reflecting that object chat is handled separately

  • Object IMs now do follow the notification selection in ‘Object chat/IMs

  • Whether Object chat/IMs appear in a left side chat toast is now controlled by ‘Pop up’ for Object chat/IMs instead of ‘Pop up’ for Nearby avatars (previously Nearby chat)

Note that there are number of special cases existing in the code where more than one notification method will be used however it should now be the case that the selected one definitely will be used


  • [KKA-620] - Revisit manifest error scheme.

  • [KKA-621] - Allow copying worn objects and body parts to make links in the inventory

  • [KKA-622] - Remove Linux 32 bit from viewer manifest.


  • [KKA-624] - Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.3.4


  • [KKA-603] - Viewer Notifications don't play well with force mouselook (@camdistmax:0=n)

  • [KKA-619] - Script colours doesn't pick the right colour for text type

  • [KKA-623] - Notification methods don't work correctly for object chat or object IM

  • [KKA-625] - Dragging a button to the toolbar right-most button hard crashes to the desktop

  • [KKA-626] - Alpha blending error specific to the Linux version