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In Kokua 6.3.6 we added warnings that indicated whether receiving or sending IMs was going to be blocked. This included receiving group IMs however RLV’s receive IM restriction actually never blocks receiving group messages so the warning message for groups is incorrect. It was temporarily removed in this version. However, after discussion with Marine it was affirmed that they should be getting blocked, so now they are blocked and the warning has been reinstated. Several viewers, Kokua included, already prevent a group chat from opening if @recvim is active however if the group chat is manually joined (or the restriction only comes into effect after the group session has started) the viewer wouldn’t suppress the received IMs.

Finally, the last and most significant change - we have added a new Chat Bar that can be used alongside the Conversations floater for those who hanker after V1-style chat input with a single floater for chat input and other floaters for chat display / displaying chat as toasts. For more details see Chat Bar