Kokua 6.6.12 Release Notes

This release brings Kokua to parity with LL’s 6.6.12 Maintenance S viewer https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/

As usual, here are a few extra notes on the issues listed below since the titles can be more about the observed misbehaviour than its cause

KKA-1004 - The snapshot floater’s show HUD option was being a bit lazy around when it was being enabled or disabled, resulting in the option sometimes being unselectable even though there were no RLV restrictions involving HUDs at the time

KKA-1009 - Stray characters in the Outfits floater have been eliminated (they would show particularly for the body parts - skin, shape etc)

KKA-1011 - Deleting links would stall part way through a large operation

KKA-1018 - The first time the Groups floater is used, it wouldn’t populate the member list

KKA-1010 - The number of outfits is now shown as part of the Outfits tab label

KKA-1015 - Keyword alerts can now be displayed using bold+underline as an alternative to changing colour and new options to only notify for the current chat or only for other chats/IMs have been added. The new options are all on Preferences / Chat / Key word Alerts

KKA-1016 - To try to relieve congestion on the top bar on narrower windows the Radar menu has been moved to the dropdown menu of the People / Nearby floater

KKA-1017 - If a notecard is closed and another is opened, it will be at the size/position of the previous one

Release notes - Kokua - Kokua 6.6.12


KKA-1004 Huds visibility due RLV item worn

KKA-1009 Odd bug in outfits

KKA-1011 Link replacement issue

KKA-1018 Groups floater doesn't list role members


KKA-1010 The Outfits window could have an informative text displaying the number of outfits

KKA-1015 Keyword Alerts Improvement


KKA-1012 Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.6.12 \(Maintenance S\)

KKA-1016 Move Radar menu to People Floater

KKA-1017 Make the notecard floater size persist