Kokua 6.6.2 Release Notes

This is a release for Windows and Mac only. We are still struggling to cope with changes required on the Linux side introduced with library changes in 6.6.0 and to a lesser extent 6.6.1. See https://kokua.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KKA/blog/2022/07/26/1857978369 for more information. We are still welcoming approaches from anyone with an interest in contributing to the Linux builds of Kokua.


This version brings Kokua up to date with LL’s 6.6.2 release, see these LL release notes for the changes in each:-

Typing Indicator

Kokua 6.6 enhances the Typing Indicator by adding the ability to use a typing label in the same style as bubble chat with the added option of a colour choice. The control options are located in Preferences / Colors / Name Tags

Frame Limiting

In 6.6 LL removed the original frame rate limiting code (again) in favour of a new limiter which aims to limit to the VSync rate of the display. This is controlled by ‘Enable VSync’ in Preferences / Graphics / General/Avatar

However, there are situations where the original frame limiter is still worthwhile - for instance restricting the performance on laptops to reduce noise and heat generation. Although the old frame limiter is not particularly accurate, it is effective at reducing the viewer’s load on the system. For this reason, we have retained the old limiter in parallel with the new VSync facility and added a new slider to adjust its value. Both options are controlled on General/Avatar as shown below. If the old frame limiter was in use prior to 6.6 it will remain active and must be turned off to use the VSync option or unlimited frame rates.

Copy & Paste in the Build/Edit Floater

Although Kokua has had copy/paste capabilities for a long time, the LL implementation goes further. Accordingly we have removed the original Kokua version and gone over entirely to LL’s version which uses menus instead of buttons.

Other Changes

As usual the full list of addressed issues is at the bottom of the page following some notes on those where additional explanation is needed.

KKA-947 - It is now possible to restrict being invited to ad hoc group IM sessions to those involved by friends only.  The option is on the Preferences / Chat & IM / IM tab.

KKA-946 - A new checkbox has been added to the World Map which can restrict the drop down list of landmarks to only those on in the Favorites folder/shown on the Favorites bar

KKA-944 - This was a RLV-only bug provoked when a large number of one clothing item (eg tattoos) were worn

Release notes - Kokua - Version Kokua 6.6.2


KKA-944 Tattoos don't appear to detach in inventory display

KKA-940 Bugsplat crash - saving a texture from inventory to disk with @viewtexture=n


KKA-947 Add Feature: Only Friends can add the User to conference calls (found on Alchemy)

KKA-943 Update FMOD Studio to version 2.02.07

New Feature

KKA-946 Add an option on World Map to only list Favorites instead of all landmarks


KKA-949 Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.6.2 (Cut/Paste DRTVWR-561)

KKA-942 Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.6.1 (Maintenance Makgeolli DRTVWR-543)

KKA-939 Perform merge from LL Viewer 6.6.0 (Performance DRTVWR-546)